Creative and Consistent Wins the Race.

If you want a thing done well, do it yourself - Napoleon.

The corporate culture is drastically changing around the world. New thoughts and ideas are being implemented, and cost-cutting remain the key focus. Well, sometimes it's not just the cost that matters, but the efficiency and self-dependence as well.

Since the earlier days of having a secretary who could type 60wpm, to writing emails yourself has brought about one of the biggest changes in the way we do business. Could you ever imagine in the earlier days that the MDs would be sitting and punching the keys of a manual typewriter?

Well, with time, the perspective changed and as such, it changed how corporate communication takes place.

Fast-forward to now; imagine that you are a marketer who has to manage marketing within a small budget or a business owner without a marketer who has to handle everything by yourself.

How would you manage marketing considering the above scenario? Seems challenging?

It doesn't have to be. Banana is here to help with your marketing needs.

Whether you are a marketing manager, a business owner or a Start-up; the requirement for businesses is the same - a MARKETING IDEA.

An idea that works well for you and an idea that helps you grow.

As Carine Roitfeld quoted "It's so funny. Everything is so much easier when you do it yourself."

Then, instead of not doing marketing at all, why not give marketing a shot, remain consistent and win the race?

Here at Banana, it is our desire to build the momentum of marketing for your brand and help you win the race with consistent, cost-effective marketing.

As a solution, try a Do It Yourself Marketing bundle by Banana. This bundle offer provides a ready to use marketing campaign, to be implemented by you.

There is no fuss, no stress, and month after month we shall create marketing material for you and ensure you are constantly and effectively visible in the marketplace.

The benefits of DIY Marketing are as follows:

Benefits to Marketers:
1. Easier to get started with and implemented.
2. Easy to get approved as it's cost effective.
3. The ROI is easily justified.
4. You stay focused on other areas of business.
5. You will be in the driver's seat, control your communication and be closer to your potential clients.
6. Assess what is working and what is not.
7. With a choice of 3 marketing bundles, you can match your budgetto our services.
Benefits to Business Owners:
1. Once put into operation, your business can go from no marketing to consistent marketing.
2. Reduced expenses; you organize marketing without a marketer on your payroll.
3. Our DIY marketing is a simple, cost-effective, yet powerful solution for your marketing needs, no matter which industry you are in.
4. It will save a lot of your time on thinking of marketing ideas.
5. Your brand becomes visible, gradually and consistently.
6. With a choice of 3 marketing bundles, you can match your budget with what is delivered by us.
Here is how the DIY marketing works:
Step 1: Based upon your requirements, we shall create a campaign every month and delivery it to you, which will consist of the followings:
A responsive email flyer
A print flyer for your direct marketing
An A4 size print or FB Advt
Headers for 6 social media platforms.
Step 2: As soon you receive it and begin to implement it on your own, the next month's action will be taken at our end.
This action plan will ensure that your marketing happens consistently and effectively based upon your suggestions.
To make your monthly campaign more effective, we suggest that you create 90 social media posts on your own and blend them with the monthly campaign that we create. This will help you extend your reach even more effectively, at no extra cost.
Alternatively, you can opt for our Budget Marketing or Content Marketing solutions which are handled by our team from creation to the implementation.
Begin Marketing Today. Take Small Steps. Do It Yourself. Be consistent. Win the race.
How much does it cost?
Imagine all the above coming to you at a fraction of the cost. To check about the price and confirm your marketing, please click HERE.
Parting Note:
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